Below please find links to information on different merchants remaining open during the COVID-19 emergency as well as how our local businesses and organizations are helping our community.

For information about Employment & Unemployment click here


Montgomery Twp Invitation To Local Businesses.

We’d like to invite your business to participate in a “virtual town square” to help your business and to inform residents of steps you are taking to ensure the safety of customers. We invite you to submit a 1-minute (maximum) video in which you describe your products, services, and operating procedures during the COVID-19 crisis.  In addition to practical information, you can also have some fun with it, describing tips, recipes, and activities that will creatively showcase your business on the Montgomery Together website. And more importantly, remind residents of who you are so when you do re-open, they patronage your business. These videos can also be shared on many social media platforms using the hashtag #MontgomeryTogether. We’ll upload videos of any Montgomery-based business that meet the requirements described here.