School Showcase

The MHS Literary Magazine is a student-run publication with a goal of encompassing all aspects and personalities of our student body through various forms of prose, poetry, art, music, and photography. This year’s edition of Mind’s Amaranth displays the journey that many of us experience while navigating our youth. The initial state of aimless wandering that we often drift into because of uncertainty or listlessness, the intermediate stage of exploration where we are driven by a goal to see and do new things, followed by the final phase of discovery where we reach our destination. The path that we traverse to get there is what we aim to express with this year’s magazine.To view the magazine please click here



MHS 2020 Commencement
Montgomery is proud to give its seniors the sendoff they deserve in the best way possible during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. They each have endured trying times and have earned the right to move to the next phase of their lives as more resilient humans than when they entered this unprecedented time period.


The students of the Montgomery High School Music Department are excited to present an evening of beautiful music in this Virtual Coffee House


Virtual Art Extravaganza
The students of our middle and high school art programs are proud to present this virtual arts extravaganza. We are so proud of our students’ hard work and incredible creativity. Much of the work in this gallery was created as a part of our distance learning instruction. We invite you to peruse through this gallery of work and hope it brings you joy, makes you think, and adds beauty to your day. To view please click here



To learn more about our Kid Connection Enrichment please click the video below.